Mar 25, 2011

Isdaan - Gerona, Tarlac

January 2011 - I was born in Tarlac and believe it or not, I only had the chance to visit this wonderful place for the first time last January. Isdaan is located in Gerona, Tarlac. It is literally a restaurant surrounded by fishes! Floating nipa huts will definitely catch your attention too.

This is not your ordinary eating place. Upon entering the vicinity, you will surely love the Filipino culture atmosphere. Bridge made of bamboos, nipa huts, fishing nets, wood carvings, ancient crafts, and many more. You will also notice that employees are wearing Filipina-inspired dress.  I feel proud when I walked in! You'll realize how beautiful and amazing Filipino art is!

Below, you will see one of their well-known tourist attraction as some people call it. Of course, I took some pictures as well. When I saw this picture, I thought I was in Thailand though :)

Filipino humor is also in Isdaan. While wandering around, enjoying all the scenery, this statue caught my atttention. Hahaha!

Most of my friends in Tarlac told me that there is this one interesting activity that you can do upon visiting Isdaan. They call it the Tacsiyapo wall where you can burst all your anger by throwing plates, cups and other fragile utensils against the Tacsiyapo wall. I was not angry during that time so I did not try it lol.

After enjoying the scenery, we looked for a good spot to eat. We chose to eat in a floating nipa hut. We were already told before hand that their menu are quite expensive, so I was not shocked when I saw their pricing. We ordered grilled baby lapu-lapu, sinigang na hipon sa buho and pinukpok na baka (highly recommended!). While waiting for our food, singers came to our hut and asked us if they can sing for us. Well, I am a frustrated singer, so guess what? I said Yes! They were awesome singers, I hope I can sing like them :(

Here are the food we ordered:

After our meal, we were given pellets so we can feed their fishes too! What a nice way to fight stress. Look at the picture below. Aren't they cute? EV032611

My Ratings:

I highly recommend pinukpok na baka! I loved it! Beef is tender, and the sweet and spicy curry is just about right. I would love to buy this again.

Too pricey :(

I gave 5-stars because of them promoting our Filipino culture. Place is clean and quiet.

Crews are very friendly, everyone would smile and greet you! 


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